I hoped to upload this post a couple of weeks ago when it was her actual birthday in early May, but between starting my own Boutique For Fashion Forward Small Dogs (more on that below), my day job, and designing my website, I have only just had the chance to upload it.
I always buy my girls presents for their birthdays, some might say I’m mad but I wrap them too. I feel like they are such a big part of the family, they deserve to feel special on their special day, just like any other member of the family.
We bought Mouse a selection of toys, some items of clothing, like a beautiful handmade jumper, and some bits and bobs like Pet Head oatmeal shampoo (which by the way smells good enough to eat).
She had a little nibble on a selection of cakes which she loved (what dog doesn’t like cream?!).
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I really struggle finding things for Mouse. At two years old she only weighs 1.5kg, so I can never go into a pet shop and find things small enough to fit her. It never crossed my mind when I bought a chihuahua how different it would be to owning a different breed of small dog. With Indigo who is a beautiful three year old Shih Tzu, I can easily go to my local pet shop and buy clothes, collars, and treats for her. I can’t do the same for Mouse, as pet shops here in England don’t seem to cater to dogs that size.
I’d say Mouse fully grown is a touch smaller than Indigo was when I brought her home at eight weeks old. I remember the first few weeks I had her, when kitten collars were still too big I made her wear a bell attached to a ribbon so that I knew where she was, in case she got under my feet. She literally was pocket sized, which is super cute but also a lot more to think about safety wise.
During her two years she has already had an operation for patellar luxation at none other than Fitzpatricks Referrals, the ground breaking veterinary practise in Surrey, made famous by the television programme ‘The Supervet’ on channel 4. Although it was an incredibly worrying and stressful time, Fitzpatricks Referrals were truly cutting edge and had spectacular customer service. You can follow them on twitter here.
I told you she was pocket sized
Struggling to find clothes and accessories small enough for Mouse got me thinking about starting my own doggy fashion brand. It seemed that everywhere I went, fellow tiny dog owners asked me where I managed to find harnesses and clothing not only in her size but also pretty designs, so this was a natural step into the market.
I wanted to start a Boutique For Fashion Forward Small Dogs, catering up to Lhasa Apso size, or for those of you in the know, an XL in small dog clothing.
The name of my Contemporary Canine Fashion Brand is Indigo and Mouse. Apart from being the girls names, it is the moniker of their Instagram page. They have steadily gained a small following, so it was a natural continuation for the boutique name.
The boutique website www.indigoandmouse.com is still under construction, and I am hoping that it will be finished in a couple of months. I will be posting updates to keep you informed when it is closer to being up and running.
I am currently in the process of designing harnesses, meeting suppliers, gathering stock, selecting doggy models, and learning all about web design (any pointers would be much appreciated!).
Be sure to stop by my Instagram page, Say hi, or just have a look around.