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A few weeks ago the British TV channel ITVBE were asking people on Instagram to hashtag photos that make them happy. So of course, I sent them photo’s of Indigo and Molly Mouse thinking nothing would come of it. Having completely forgotten about it, you can imagine my surprise a few weeks later when I had a message waiting in my inbox from none other than ITVBE (massive eeeekkkkk).

It turned out that not only had Indigo’s photo been selected to be part of their new advert, but they had also sent a marshmallow pop with her photo on it as a thank you present. I can’t bring myself to eat it, it’s just too cute! If you’d like a set of marshmallow pops for yourself or as a gift head over to Boomf where a box of nine retails at £15.

Look out for the photo below appearing on the ITVBE advert very soon!

ITVBE advert